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  • Purchase of a new water tank

    We are very happy because we've managed to buy a new water tank with a capacity of 5,000 liters. The old one served us for many years, but - unfortunately - it started to leak and we cannot afford to lose water under any circumstances.
    Without water, our facility would not be able to function and provide appropriate hygienic conditions for the medical staff and our patients.

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  • Tonga is coming home

    This little girl's name is Tonga. Today she is going home with her grandmother to her home village in Mozambique with a wide smile on her face. When she came to us three weeks ago, no one was sure if this would be possible.

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  • Group of students on internships in Katondwe

    We have had a new group of students on placement recently. An internship in a hospital is a valuable way of obtaining experience for those, who want to work in the medical profession.

    It is an opportunity to learn about hospital work, obtain practical skills and interact with medical staff.

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  • Thank You for your attendance…

    Two months of remarkable teamwork by Jesuit brothers, who came to Katondwe on a mission to get experience of work in the hospital.

    Brother John from Zambia and Brother Martin from Mazambique supported the medical staff with commitment and sacrifice in caring for the patients, such as dressing wounds, feeding the patients. They did all the work of keeping the entire hospital clean.

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  • Wishes

    Dear Friends!
    With the greatest joy we would like to wish you all the best for Easter, may it be for you a time of peace, family unity and shared traditions.

    Thank you for your presence!

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  • Palm Sunday

    Palm Sunday is an important holiday for us in Katondwe, a time when we draw attention to the importance of humility and sacrifice and helping others. It is also an opportunity to express joy and gratitude for all the good we have received.
    Palm trees grow in Katondwe, so for us Palm Sunday is celebrated in a special way.

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  • The Sunday meeting full of good emotions

    On Sunday we hosted Sister Anna from Matero and Ms. Magda, a psychologist and secular missionary from Kabwe. During the meeting we had the opportunity to discuss a topic related to the mental health of patients, as well as we talked about work and future plans.

    It was a good day, full of positive energy!

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  • Aggi! We welcome you to our team

    Aggi is a new member of the medical team at our hospital. Thanks to Aggi, we will be able to focus on the mental health of our patients. Through conversation and therapy, she will provide emotional support to those who are often confused and discouraged in the face of illness and hospitalization.

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  • Team of young medics

    Currently, our medical team has been joined by young colleagues who, together with Dr. Miroslawa Gora, spend most of their time working in the operating room. They are being trained under the supervision of Dr. Gora. They perform their work slowly, but in concentration.

    Sr. Miroslawa explains and consults each action performed.

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  • Midwife with the passion and commitment

    For several days we hosted in Katondwe a wonderful midwife Ms. Marzena from Opole, who shared her knowledge and insights with passion and commitment. It was an intensive time of working together in the hospital. She was a great support to us, and especially to the midwife and nurses.

    Thank you for this unique time for us!

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Future goals

Unfortunately, our Hospital’s needs for medical supplies and equipment are very high. As our resources are severely limited, we are trying to face the subsequent challenges in a proper order. The most urgent needs are secured thanks to your contributions to our specific fundraisers.

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What we do?

How we help - a few words about Katondwe hospital

For 60 years, the Katondwe Mission Hospital has been providing medical help to the people of Zambia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe in Africa. As one of very few medical centres within 250 kilometres, it provides the local population with free medical care in several wards: paediatrics, internal medicine (female and male), gynaecology and obstetrics, and palliative care. A professional operating theatre and a diagnostic imaging lab (ultrasound, X-ray) are available for our patients. We also have a GP outpatient surgery, where many preventive and educational actions are organised on an ongoing basis. We also organise field medical programmes, which allow us to reach out to those in need who cannot come on their own to the hospital .

The Katondwe Mission Hospital is run by the nuns from the Congregation of Little Servant Sisters of the Immaculate Conception (Siostry Służebniczki Starowiejskie) from Poland. Thanks to their work, it continues to develop, providing medical care at the highest possible level. Our hospital may admit up to 100 patients simultaneously. We are still looking for new solutions to improve the health care for the people of the Luangwa Valley.

  • 1963

    The year of the hospital launch
  • 2000

    hospitalised patients per year
  • 4000

    outpatient consultations per year
  • 500

    the number of bandage rolls used per month
  • 240

    the number of drip infusions which need to be administered each month
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