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Thanks to the help of our Donors and Friends, the everyday challenges we have to face become much easier – thank you! See what’s new.

  • Electronic patients’ registration

    This is another step ahead in upgrading our hospital.

    Patients are being registered in the outpatient department. At present, patients' data are entered electronically.

  • Patient with congenital heart defect

    Patients, especially the younger ones, need words of comfort, understanding and empathy from us. We are there for them when they need our attention!

    Sister Edyta during a conversation with a patient with a congenital heart defect and her mother. The girl is currently on supportive medications and under doctors' supervision. We hope, that surgery will be not necessary.

  • Healthcare training

    Each week we conduct a healthcare training session to promote and increase health awareness.

    During those meetings, we discuss various topics related to health education which are also important for our patients.

    The meetings are held in the outpatient department.

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  • Happy dad

    Helping is good.
    Helping is important.
    Anyone and anywhere can help.
    Any form of help is valuable.
    It is worth helping not only for others, but also for yourself.
    The helping changes the world for the better.
    Every gesture, even the smallest one…. changes the world, someone else's world.
    So many things can be written about helping, but also just look at this happy dad who helped us with cutting the grass and received clothes for his child from us. Helping each other is invaluable!

  • Teamed up nursing students

    Musically talented students who were doing their nursing internship at Katondwe Mission Hospital. In addition to their daily challenges, they were eager to perform their vocal skills.

    The beautiful and joyful singing of these young people resounded throughout the hospital grounds!

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  • Technical support at Katondwe hospital

    Our hospital, like all other hospitals in the world, demands maintenance work on an ongoing basis. Let us introduce you to Eliot, our long-time employee - our "handyman" 😊 in one of the technical rooms, where we keep the necessary tools. Over there, our great Eliot with the rest of the technical team make most of the repairs.

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  • We are counting on your help – donate 1.5% of your tax for the construction of the X-ray laboratory

    1.5% of your tax will help us build a diagnostic imaging lab. We want to prepare it in accordance with the requirements of health care facilities, so as to maintain the safety of our patients.

    Without an X-ray lab, we cannot perform many procedures.... Help us change this and you will contribute to saving the health and lives of many people, the rest will be taken care of by US. And we will keep you informed on an ongoing basis.

  • Cooperation with Pro Spe Foundation

    We are very grateful for the opportunity to cooperate with the Pro Spe Foundation.

    We would like to thank You for supporting us in raising money for the building of an X-ray block and the purchase of a new X-ray.

    Your initiative will certainly bring a lot of good and will bring us closer to our goal.

    We are truly grateful to you!

  • Saved at the very last moment

    Today, eighteen-year-old Joan was admitted to Katondwe Mission Hospital.

    Joan is another person injured as a result of attack by the wild animals. In this case, a crocodile attacked this young woman while she was taking water from the Luangwa river.

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  • Corn stocks

    We are preparing our own food stocks as well!

    The purchase of a proper amount of corn, an essential food ingredient in Zambia, is a matter of great importance in our schedule and one provided for in the budget.

    Currently, the corn is being poured to tighter bags and properly secured against insects. It is supposed to get us through the entire year!

Future goals

Unfortunately, our Hospital’s needs for medical supplies and equipment are very high. As our resources are severely limited, we are trying to face the subsequent challenges in a proper order. The most urgent needs are secured thanks to your contributions to our specific fundraisers.

See what we need the most:

What we do?

How we help - a few words about Katondwe hospital

For 60 years, the Katondwe Mission Hospital has been providing medical help to the people of Zambia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe in Africa. As one of very few medical centres within 250 kilometres, it provides the local population with free medical care in several wards: paediatrics, internal medicine (female and male), gynaecology and obstetrics, and palliative care. A professional operating theatre and a diagnostic imaging lab (ultrasound, X-ray) are available for our patients. We also have a GP outpatient surgery, where many preventive and educational actions are organised on an ongoing basis. We also organise field medical programmes, which allow us to reach out to those in need who cannot come on their own to the hospital .

The Katondwe Mission Hospital is run by the nuns from the Congregation of Little Servant Sisters of the Immaculate Conception (Siostry Służebniczki Starowiejskie) from Poland. Thanks to their work, it continues to develop, providing medical care at the highest possible level. Our hospital may admit up to 100 patients simultaneously. We are still looking for new solutions to improve the health care for the people of the Luangwa Valley.

  • 1963

    The year of the hospital launch
  • 2000

    hospitalised patients per year
  • 4000

    outpatient consultations per year
  • 500

    the number of bandage rolls used per month
  • 240

    the number of drip infusions which need to be administered each month
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