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  • Renovation of the dam and water reservoir

    Water is a substance of primary necessity for every human being. We use it not only for drinking but also for hygiene, which is particularly important in places like hospitals. For sanitary purposes, we use water from an artificial reservoir created over half a century ago by the Jesuit Brothers. We are very pleased that with the involvement of the local community, we were able to clean the reservoir and repair the dam that forms it.

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  • Easter time in Katondwe

    We spent Easter time in Katondwe on common reflection, cordiality, peace and joy.

    We wish everyone what's best.

  • Letter to our Friends

    DEAR FRIENDS OF THE MISSION HOSPITAL IN KATONDWE For many years you have shown us great understanding and have been actively involved in the development of the missionary work. Our Katondwe hospital has benefited from your generous work in the past year. That is why, once again, we humbly extend our hands to you with confidence, counting on your help. And what's going on? It is a new ultrasound (ultrasound) machine. At the moment, we have only one working ultrasound machine.

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  • That’s already 200 posts on our social media!

    We are just adding our 200th post on Instagram. For two years we have been informing our followers about people, events and changes in Katondwe. Thanks to social media you can be close to us and our patients every day. Your presence and support are priceless for us.

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  • Donate 1.5% of your tax to Katondwe Hospital

    As the new tax season begins, there comes a great opportunity to help those in need. Everyone can donate 1.5% of their tax to a public benefit organization of their choice. This year, we have an honor to cooperate with the Pro Spe charity once more and together we will collect funds for the hospital in Katondwe.

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  • Increasing number of cholera outbreaks in Africa

    Not a day goes by in Katondwe without us having to face difficult, often unpredictable situations. Every day, people in serious condition come to our hospital and require immediate help. We diagnose and treat various cases – for example limb injuries and chronic diseases. However, the african population must deal with another type of threat - infectious diseases, which are an extremely serious and frequent problem, especially in this part of the world.

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  • Brave patient!

    The boy was hospitalized due to a snake bite; unfortunately, there was skin necrosis. It was necessary to decide about skin transplantation. The recovery process after transplantation usually takes some time. However, the most important thing is that the patient's current state of health is good.

  • Dear Friends!

    Though it's hard to believe, 2023 is slowly coming to an end. Time passes quickly, especially here in Katondwe, where there is always plenty of work to do and the number of people in need is constantly increasing. The end of this year is extremely intense for us, but we keep in mind that it is most importantly a time of joyful waiting for Christmas. Amidst all our busy activities we take a moment to reflect and briefly summarize this year.

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  • The construction of the radiology block has begun!

    Christmas is near. It’s a time of miracles, hopes and wishes. We also have many plans on how to improve our hospital and one of these big dreams is coming true as the building of a radiology block has jus started! This is wonderful and long awaited news for the staff and patients of the Katondwe Hospital.

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  • Orthopedists’ visit to Katondwe

    We always look forward to the visits of guests to Katondwe, but our latest meeting was particularly anticipated by both our hospital staff and patients. In November we were hosting specialists from Poland, who came to us as part of an orthopedic project. It was a brief visit that lasted only two days, though it was an extremely intense time!

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Future goals

Unfortunately, our Hospital’s needs for medical supplies and equipment are very high. As our resources are severely limited, we are trying to face the subsequent challenges in a proper order. The most urgent needs are secured thanks to your contributions to our specific fundraisers.

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What we do?

How we help - a few words about Katondwe hospital

For 60 years, the Katondwe Mission Hospital has been providing medical help to the people of Zambia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe in Africa. As one of very few medical centres within 250 kilometres, it provides the local population with free medical care in several wards: paediatrics, internal medicine (female and male), gynaecology and obstetrics, and palliative care. A professional operating theatre and a diagnostic imaging lab (ultrasound, X-ray) are available for our patients. We also have a GP outpatient surgery, where many preventive and educational actions are organised on an ongoing basis. We also organise field medical programmes, which allow us to reach out to those in need who cannot come on their own to the hospital .

The Katondwe Mission Hospital is run by the nuns from the Congregation of Little Servant Sisters of the Immaculate Conception (Siostry Służebniczki Starowiejskie) from Poland. Thanks to their work, it continues to develop, providing medical care at the highest possible level. Our hospital may admit up to 100 patients simultaneously. We are still looking for new solutions to improve the health care for the people of the Luangwa Valley.

  • 1963

    The year of the hospital launch
  • 2000

    hospitalised patients per year
  • 4000

    outpatient consultations per year
  • 500

    the number of bandage rolls used per month
  • 240

    the number of drip infusions which need to be administered each month
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