Every day at the Katondwe Mission Hospital we provide medical help for Africa, precisely for children and adults living in the vast areas of Luangwa in Zambia. The team consists not only of the Sisters of the Servants of the Blessed Virgin Mary (PL. Siostry Służebniczki Starowiejskie), among which is a doctor and nurses, but also of devoted local personnel that cooperates with Polish missionaries.

The primary focus of this place is to provide sufficiently high level health care that often saves lives. Still, we’re going a step further. Thinking about the future of this place, we’re making plans to develop. We believe in education of the youth and that is why we founded a school unit in the hospital area for female and male nurses and midwifes.

Every medical mission entails huge obligations to the patients and a desire to bring the element of goodness into their reality. Unfortunately, without additional support we encounter difficulties that limit our actions and even hold us back.

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