The beginning of Holy Week

  • 10 Apr 2022
  • admin

Yesterday was the first day of Holy Week – a very important time in the Church. It is the remembrance of the events leading to the salvation of the world. In the chapel at our Sacred Heart Hospital, people gathered with green palm leaves in their hands. We celebrated together with the liturgy of Palm Sunday that way – the symbol of Jesus entering Jerusalem five days before his crucifixion. Attending the Holy Mass on that day means that we agree to carry the cross, suffer together with Christ and accept our lives as given to us by God.

On this day, we can see clearly how the Christian mysteries of faith are intertwined – glory and joy are inseparable from suffering.

For the next few days, let our hearts contemplate the Passion of Christ, which foreshadowed His Resurrection and salvation.


Sara, Ula and our team in the operating room

Easter is a time of hope and strengthening the faith