Donate 1.5% of your tax to Katondwe Hospital

  • 29 Jan 2024
  • Dorota Malag

As the new tax season begins, there comes a great opportunity to help those in need. Everyone can donate 1.5% of their tax to a public benefit organization of their choice. This year, we have an honor to cooperate with the Pro Spe charity once more and together we will collect funds for the hospital in Katondwe.

Last year's donations, collected thanks to your commitment and support from the Pro Spe foundation, were dedicated to build a radiology block that will help us provide the best care to the patients of our hospital. This year, we would like to kindly ask you again to donate 1.5% of your tax to our facility in Katondwe.

It's so simple - just include the organization of your choice in your tax statement to support your chosen cause. If you’d like to make a donation to our hospital, please include the KRS number in the tax return: 0000607263 and add "Katondwe Zambia" as the Specific Purpose. It doesn't cost anything, and all it takes is a moment to contribute to our great work of helping those in need and saving the health and lives of children and adults requiring specialized medical help in Africa.

It only takes so little to do so much for the people of Zambia. Thank you and please support us!


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