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  • 25 Nov 2022
  • Karolina Rendak

The Polish Medical Mission (PMM) Association is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation which provides professional help to the victims of wars, calamities and cataclysms. Its main objective is to save lives and relieve the pain by providing medical care as well as humanitarian and development-related aid in the vulnerable countries of the world. The PMM was founded by volunteers (doctors, nurses, medical analysts) in 1999, who established the organisation in response to the humanitarian crisis caused by mass flight of Albanians from the conflict areas after the outbreak of the Kosovo war.

Polish Medical Mission Association – activity around the world and in Poland

Main objectives

The main objectives of the Polish Medical Mission are:

- providing emergency aid to the victims of wars, calamities and natural disasters;
- reconstruction of the healthcare system in the countries affected by wars, cataclysms or natural disasters;
- providing humanitarian medical aid to those most vulnerable;
- providing medical aid to the Poles living in the East;
- raising the qualifications of the medical staff in project sites.

Scale of activity

The Association improves the quality of lives of the beneficiaries by providing healthcare interventions and humanitarian aid programmes which build the local potential of poor, vulnerable societies around the world. It offers direct medical, humanitarian and development-related aid as well as education to the most vulnerable and affected groups. The PMM beneficiaries are those who live in the world’s poorest regions, refugees and groups at risk of social exclusion.

The Polish Medical Mission takes actions also in the field of public tasks, which includes participating in rescue operations, protecting people and mass events, being part of rapid response crisis units and acting for the protection and promotion of health.

The PMM’s activities are based on the work of volunteers. The team is composed of doctors of all main specialties, nurses, paramedics, physical therapists, psychologists and medical analysts.

About the Polish Medical Mission’s cooperation with the Katondwe Mission Hospital

Starting from 2017, the Polish Medical Mission Association has been regularly taking measures to support the hospital in Katondwe.


During the Valentine’s Day campaign, the PMM raised funds for the purchase of cardiac transducer for ultrasound apparatus.

In autumn, the PMM became the main partner of and supported financially the journey of two volunteers ready to help with the everyday work of the hospital. Doctors/doctors in training, Monika Mrozowska and Agnieszka Wasilewska, worked at the hospital for almost three months.


In March, Karolina Siwicka (orthopaedist) and her family visited the Katondwe Mission Hospital. Karolina shared some of her practical knowledge and solutions applied in the treatment of young patients in the neighbouring Malawi, where she had worked for a few years.

In September, another two doctors travelled to Katondwe: Alicja Popiołek (specialising in internal medicine) and Ewelina Podolec (specialising in neurology).

For two weeks in November, the hospital was supported by Przemysław Lipiński, a surgeon who trained the hospital personnel in the treatment of slow-healing wounds, and Tomasz Grzelczak, a pharmacist who conducted training in pharmaceutical recipes.

The volunteers brought to the hospital a gift: two pumps for negative pressure wound therapy, necessary instruments as well as materials for the production of medication ointments.

2020 - 2021

Break caused by transport and mobility problems related to the COVID-19 pandemic.


In spring, long-awaited medical equipment finally reached Katondwe, including: an operating table, operating lamps, small surgical equipment, a dental unit, personal protective equipment, a patient monitor, glucometers.

1,5% tax donation

Donating 1,5% of your income tax is a simple yet very effective form of financial support. The Polish Medical Mission has agreed to this cooperation and by doing so made it possible for the Katondwe Mission Hospital to raise money for their needs in this way, too.

When filling in your tax return (PIT), please name the following as the beneficiary:

Polska Misja Medyczna/Polish Medical Mission

KRS 0000162022

Specific purpose (cel szczegółowy):

Szpital w Katondwe, Zambia


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