Dear Friends!

  • 23 Dec 2023
  • Dorota Malag

Though it's hard to believe, 2023 is slowly coming to an end. Time passes quickly, especially here in Katondwe, where there is always plenty of work to do and the number of people in need is constantly increasing. The end of this year is extremely intense for us, but we keep in mind that it is most importantly a time of joyful waiting for Christmas. Amidst all our busy activities we take a moment to reflect and briefly summarize this year.

2023 has been a time of great changes and historic moments in Katondwe. Our hospital – once a small unit without an electricity - is constantly evolving into a specialized center, which is able to provide help to more and more patients from the Luangwa region. This year we managed to execute many investments - we purchased a new water tank, implemented electronical registration of patients, finalised the "Water" project for the hospital and started the construction of the radiology block.

The passing year has also abounded in many visits and unforgettable meetings. We’ve had guests coming to Katondwe from Poland and all over the world, offering us their precious time, knowledge and skills, supporting us in our daily work and, above all, helping hospital patients. We had the honor to host the Polish Ambassador from Pretoria, Mr. Adam Burakowski and his deputy, Dr. Iwona Jabłonowska. There were also numerous consultations, treatments and surgeries taking place in our hospital, as well as training and internships – all for those in need who come to Katondwe in increasing numbers.

All of these projects, investments and improvements which enable us to help more and more people from this region of Zambia, wouldn’t be possible without the support of our dear Friends, Donors, Partners and Coworkers.

We want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts and we wish you health, peace and love. May this Christmas season bring joy and hope, may you have strength to pursue your dreams in the coming year and keep the faith.

Please accept our warm wishes and thoughts of encouragement from Katondwe!


The construction of the radiology block has begun!

Brave patient!