Guests in Katondwe

  • 23 Nov 2023
  • Dorota Malag

Visits of people from Poland and from all around the world are slowly becoming a tradition in our hospital. We always look forward to these visits and wait with great excitement for interesting conversations, new experiences and, most importantly, joint work and learning. One thing is certain though – the time spent with our guests,

who are representing various professions, is always valuable and It is a great opportunity to make new friends. It is salso worth mentioning that those who benefit a great deal from these meetings are our patiens, who can receive additional, specialized help from visitors in Katondwe.

In July, we had the pleasure of hosting Amelia, a dermatologist, and Wiktor, a fifth-year medical student. They both actively participated in the work of our hospital, attendind in planned procedures. We greatly appreciate the help of students who support our team during treatment and surgeries. It is worth noting that the demand for specialist medical care in Africa is huge, which also includes great need for dermatological treatment. Infectious skin diseases, burns and parasitic diseases are some of many cases that require specialistic help from doctors such as Dr. Amelia, whose work with our medical team in Katondwe was priceless.

Another medical specialization which is very much needed in our hospital is orthopedics. In Katondwe, we often deal with fractures of bones and the need for specialistic treatment such as bone stabilization, reconstruction or correction. Our meeting with Dr. Bartek, who visited us in August as part of an orthopedic project, was therefore an extremely important and long-awaited event.

October was a particularly busy month when it comes to the visits of medical specialists in our Hospital. Hanna Kolasińska, a scrub nurse, spent two extremely fruitful weeks with us. Her commitment and passion have greatly contributed to our daily work. Throughout the month we also had an amazing opportunity to benefit from the vast knowledge, support and kindness of two extraordinary women - the midwife Mrs. Monika and the neonatal nurse Mrs. Justyna, who provided help not only to our medical staff, but above all to patients in the maternity ward, giving them their precious experience, time and smile. These were very special four weeks filled with joy and good energy. Surgeon Dr Tomasz Kraj also spent a week with us in October. From the very beginning of his stay in Katondwe until the last hours before his departure, he had his hands full while operating and sharing his knowledge with students and our medical staff.  Being this passionate and steadfast, Dr Kraj can surely be a role model for young medical students.

However, not only doctors visit our hospital. Although a medical team is essential to take care of patients, much more is needed to operate the facility in Katondwe. At the end of June we hosted guests from a befriended company from Łódź, thanks to whom our hospital’s technical team received proffessional protective clothing which is required to perform various types of service work.

Speaking about our guests and the importance of their visits to Katondwe, we cannot forget about an extremely important form of help, which is spiritual support. In August we were visited by Father Adam Szustak, who like no other can motivate and lift the spirit. It is also very important for our cause to publicize the problems which people of Africa are facing every day. Father Szustak engaged in supporting our hospital by publishing on his social media a video which was recorded during his visit to Katondwe. Thanks to Father Szustak's activity in the media, the news about those in need from the Luangwa region can spread and reach many people who will hopefully join our donors community, for which we will be extremely grateful.

We want to thank our guests with all our hearts for their time and commitment in helping patients from Katondwe. We look forward to the next visits!


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