Orthopedists’ visit to Katondwe

  • 10 Dec 2023
  • Dorota Malag

We always look forward to the visits of guests to Katondwe, but our latest meeting was particularly anticipated by both our hospital staff and patients. In November we were hosting specialists from Poland, who came to us as part of an orthopedic project. It was a brief visit that lasted only two days, though it was an extremely intense time!

Our hospital was visited by orthopedists: Dr. Bartłomiej and Łukasz from Chorzów and Dr. Szymon from Poznań. They were also accompanied by an anesthesiologist, Dr. Adam from Poznań. Together they formed a great team that performed a number of orthopedic procedures alongside the Katondwe medical Staff.

The significance of this specialization for the work of our hospital is undeniable. Patients with foot injuries, leg fractures or spine disorders come to us almost every day. The specialists' visit as part of the orthopedic project was therefore long-awaited, but the results of the doctors' work far exceeded our expectations! In just two days eleven operations were performed and it’s worth mentioning that seven of the patients were children. What’s more, our visitors managed to consult twenty patients who are undergoing further treatment. They’ve also trained the medical staff of our hospital in the field of treating congenital foot defects. This is very important, because early diagnosis in such cases can be the only way to a total recovery.

The atmosphere during this visit was hot – both metaphorically and literally. While Poland waits for the first snow in November, Zambia struggles with a heat wave. This time was no different, and the temperatures were so high that even the air conditioners refused to work. Despite these unfavorable conditions, the doctors kept working and performed many procedures and consultations, providing invaluable help to our patients, for which we are very grateful.

This orthopedic project is due to be continued next year and we are looking forward to the next visits of specialists!


Guests in Katondwe

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